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Pitra Shanti Puja

Reportedly, nowadays, the generation of the generation is losing its relationship with spirituality, which has led to checking and examining all the phenomena and circumstances on the basis of science. Well, there is nothing wrong with this matter, because by doing so, they are shifting with a stereotype mentality, but sometimes there are some incidents and circumstances that are not able to answer science.

These incidents are directly related to astrology, which has remained a superstition for the young generation despite having science in its own right. Well, today we are going to tell you about the father’s fault in astrology, which can affect the horoscope of any person.

After the death of an ancestor in the family, when his good conduct is not completed, or if any of his desires remain incomplete then his soul wanders between his house and the next generation. The unconditional soul of the dead ancestors puts pressure on the people of the family to fulfill their wishes and this pain is reflected in the horoscope of the Jatak in the form of parodies.

Due to father’s fault, a person may have to suffer many things, including the problem of getting married, discontent in married life, repeated failures in exams, drunkenness, etc., do not miss the job or leave, The problem of abortion or pregnancy, the child’s premature death or the birth of a stupid child, not making a decision, being too fierce.

In astrology, the sun is considered as a father and Mars is the cause of the blood. When these two important planets are in a sinful condition in a person’s horoscope, then the person’s life gets stuck in the cycle of patriotism.

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