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Naam Karan Sanskar Puja

Naamkaran is the practice of naming a newborn baby. This ceremony is usually done on the twelfth day of the birth of the child. The names are usually procured from Hindu mythology and every name has a profound meaning. This ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in one’s life as this ceremony helps give an identity to someone

The Rig Veda prescribes the formula of giving a name with four components- The Nakshatra name, the name of the Deity of the month, the family deity’s name, and the popular name by which the child will generally be addressed.

The ceremony of Naamkaran holds great significance as it is the first ceremony in a baby’s life. The Kundli of the child is also prepared on this day and is kept in front of the family deity to seek their blessings. Based on the Kundli, the Brahman suggests a letter that is appropriate for the child’s name.

The Naamkaran Puja is accompanied by a Hawan. The Brahman offers prayers to the family deity and the spirits of the forefathers entreating them to bless and protect the child. The child is then placed in the lap of the father who whispers the selected name in the child’s ear and a betel leaf is generally used to direct the words

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