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Annaprashan is a Sanskrit term, which translates as “grain initiation”. It’s commonly known as a newborn baby’s first feeding or eating ceremony. Annaprashan is a popular Hindu ritual that marks the beginning of solid food intake by newborn babies. Following this ritual, the other weaning foods are introduced to the newborn baby’s diet. While the rituals of the ceremony may differ according to the region, Annaprashan Celebrates the baby’s transition towards solids food. Annaprashan is conducted when a newborn baby is ready to consume a solids diet. Annaprashan Ceremony can be performed after six months and before the first birthday. For boys, Annaprashan is performed during the even months, generally in the child’s sixth, eighth or tenth month. Annaprashan is performed during the odd months for girls, usually the child’s seventh, ninth or eleventh month. Annaprashan is ceremony is mainly conducted at home or a temple

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