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Janeyu Puja

Janeu Sanskaar holds great significance as it induces purity of thoughts and pious intentions in the person. It is thought to increase the thirst for knowledge and keeping misfortunes or bad fate at bay. The Brahmins are considered wearing Janeu to be very auspicious as it helps them attain salvation. The heads of the boys are shaved and they are made complete Brahmchari. 

Janeu Sanskar includes group chanting of the Gayatri Mantra throughout the observance. A Hawan or a fire ritual is also made to make offerings to the deities. The most important part is, it is seen as a sinful human action if anyone starts reading Vedas without having Janeu. 

The Brahman child takes an oath to refrain from sinning hereafter and only after taking the oath is he entitled to wear the Janeu. Vedic Brahmins of Kashi who themselves are Janeu Dhaari, have professional expertise in the Puja and so can ensure perfect performance of the observance.


  • The Janeu Sanskar works as a guide to show the child a path of Karma and Dharma.
  • This Puja also helps relinquish any evil thoughts out of the adolescent’s mind and helps him never go astray.
  • It helps initiate the Brahman life.

People who do not wear Janeu do not attain Moksha

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